Located about an hour west of London, Windsor Castle is often called the largest and oldest inhabited castle in the world. It is one of the official residences of Queen Elizabeth II who spends many weekends of the year at the castle, using it for both state and private entertaining. The earliest surviving buildings at Windsor date from the reign of Henry II who came to the throne in 1154. Much of the castle, including the magnificent State Apartments and St Georges Chapel can be visited.

T ake in the splendour of the intricate Gothic architecture at St George’s Chapel, which was the venue for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding ceremony. The chapel is the spiritual home of the Order of the Garter: established by Edward III in 1348, it is the most senior order of British Chivalry and today there are 24 knights chosen in recognition of their work for the nation by the Queen. Inside the chapel lie the tombs of 10 monarchs, including Charles I, Henry VIII and his third wife Jane Seymour. 

Examine beautiful pieces of porcelain that Queen Mary chose to display in the corridor in the 1920s. Among the collection are beautiful Chinese and Japanese pieces from the 17th and early-18th centuries; and two Sèvres sets, including one with Queen Victoria’s turquoise-rimmed pattern with her monogram and one by Worcester, decorated with badges from the Order of the Garter and featured at the Order’s annual lunch.